Highlights from AppliedNet & Insuretech Connect 2023

Highlights from AppliedNet & Insuretech Connect 2023

| Sharon Fox

The Vegas Lights were BRIGHT this year with two of the biggest insurance technology conferences back to back. Insurance Pros descended on Vegas for AppliedNet and Insuretech Connect setting the stage for an electrifying couple of weeks. TrustLayer was right there for it all from The Beatles LOVE to Earth, Wind and Fire we loved every moment connecting with the brightest minds in the insurance technology industry. Here were a few of the bright spots.

Two Killer Keynote’s  

We were lucky to have a front row seat for two amazing speakers who both provided inspiring messages to take home. From Bear Grylls message of courage and tenacity to Gary Vanerchuk highlighting the importance of developing a personal brand, going all in on technology to build five times the content and connections. 

We met all the Chris’s 

There is no question that meeting with friends, colleagues and making new connections is one of the best elements of these events. We are grateful for the time spent together dancing at Drai’s or meeting all the Chris’s at the IvansConnect Event. The engaging discussions and bringing people together in person cannot be matched. 

The Booth, the Booth, the Booth was on Fire 

You love us, you really love us ...or the LiquidIV. Nonetheless, we appreciated how many of you took time to stop by our booth, whether it was a valued partner, a quick high-five or a prospective new partner. We appreciate the excitement, interest in our product and compliments on the great swag. There were so many engaging discussions and we cannot wait to continue them with you over the next few months. 

Let's not make it another year!

While we polish our cowboy boots for Nashville next year. Let's keep the conversation going. Keep in touch for invaluable updates on TrustLayers’ continued innovation for carriers, brokers and insureds. 

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