Secure and Efficient Certificate Management

Increase Compliance & Decrease Risk

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TrustLayer makes managing and verifying certificates of insurance more efficient and secure by using A.I. & machine learning technology to track documents between companies.

TrustLayer Increases Certificate Compliance
and Decreases Risk

TrustLayer helps you collect, verify, and manage COIs.

Collecting Certificates is Time Consuming and Error Prone.

The typical COI workflow is inefficient and error prone, which increases exposure to risk. Conventional certificate management and verification processes such as faxing, voice calls, e-mails, and in some cases, postal mail are time-consuming and costly.

TrustLayer Solves These Problems.

Advantages of TrustLayer’s Distributed Ledger Solution

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Use Cases
We are actively developing new use cases for our certificate management solution in various industries.
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Our Tech
Dive deeper into how TrustLayer simplifies certificate validation and authentication using blockchain technology.
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Make Your Certificate Management Processes More Efficient and Secure.