Why We Raised our $15M Series A | to build the future of insurance verification

Why We Raised our $15M Series A | to build the future of insurance verification

| Team TrustLayer

I’m pleased to announce we’ve raised our Series A to drive our next phase of growth and to build the future of insurance verification. You can read all of the details in our press release

Our vision is to build a category-defining business that can help millions of companies quickly establish trust when working together. We are backed by an amazing group of investors from top-tier venture funds and now the world’s leading SaaS investor, Craft Ventures has joined us to accelerate our growth.


Why did we raise a Series A?

Insurance is really complicated. And virtually every business has had to deal with the frustration of proving they have coverage. This is true across all sectors from construction to property management -- from financial services to franchising. The antiquated and manual processes that exist today are full of hidden risk. The type of risk that can cost millions. It’s a sleeping giant in the industry. TrustLayer is solving this major pain point. We’re building a truly collaborative platform that provides considerable value to everyone involved. Businesses, brokers, and carriers all benefit when it's easier to establish trust.

We’ve started by tackling the end-to-end process, and we’ve nailed that, today. For the future, our sights are firmly set on creating net new value chains and transactional opportunities.


Momentum is mounting

We’re honored that the insurance industry has chosen TrustLayer as a clear leader in the space, with over 20 of the top 100 brokers and carriers also investing in our success.

No other company in our space has received this level of validation.

We’re investing in a strong partner ecosystem made up of brokers and carriers to build a strong third-party risk management advisory, and technology partners to provide the best integrations and workflows possible.

We’ve had an incredible year. We’ve added countless new clients. Our team has tripled in size and  we’re working with the best -- brokers like NFPHUB InternationalGraham CompanyHolmes Murphy, Heffernan Insurance BrokersM3 Insurance, and BrokerTech Ventures and industry leaders like Procore and  Quickbooks.


Our journey so far

I am very proud of what we’ve achieved as a business and the tens of thousands of companies we have helped work more closely together.  But these milestones and metrics share little about our true purpose, and why we come to work every day – our customers.

Our customers will always be at the core of what we do and why we do it.


What's next?

Our Series A is an important milestone for TrustLayer, but we have only scratched the surface of what’s possible for the future of insurance. Immediately, our focus is adding talented, passionate members to our team as we grow on pace with demand. In the next year, we anticipate accelerated adoption of our solution across industries such as construction, property management, sports, and hospitality. And, we are continuing the development of our fully digital proof of insurance product, which will improve all business interactions across all sectors of the economy.


Thank You!

Today I’d like to thank the entire team at TrustLayer, our investors, and partners, and most importantly our clients. I couldn’t be more excited about what the future holds. 


John Fohr
Co-Founder & CEO of TrustLayer

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