Scaling Culture in a Remote Environment | Beyond the Policy Podcast

Scaling Culture in a Remote Environment | Beyond the Policy Podcast

| John Fohr

November 22, 2021  |  32:08 min


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“Ah the joys of building a company in the pandemic! It is challenging. From my perspective, thankfully, when you’re running a startup, you have to decide if you’re going after a big enough problem, and if you actually have a solution that fits. For us - we have that. Then - can you meet the demand? For that you need to build a team, you need to empower them as much as possible, and then get the hell out of their way.” - John Fohr


In this episode

Our CEO John Fohr joined Andrew Correll on his podcast Beyond the Policy, where they talked about what it’s like to build a company during a global pandemic, and how to keep company culture strong in a virtual or hybrid work environment. 
From a few people in one room with a whiteboard to a large, decentralized group spread across time zones, our company has grown rapidly -- in this episode, John talks about his approach to recreating in-office energy over Zoom and Slack, and how to unite a team by celebrating wins. 

About this podcast

In Beyond the Policy , host Andrew Correll explores the intersection of tech and insurance. While it’s said that only 30 percent of business risk is insurable, Andrew dives deep into the other 70 percent with startup founders, exploring the challenges they face building their companies and how they thrive in the face of risk.

In addition to hosting Beyond the Policy, Andrew Correll is a Product Innovation Manager at Vouch Insurance. To connect with Andrew, you can find him on LinkedIn and Twitter (@andrew_correll_).

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