The 10 Best Risk Management Podcasts

The 10 Best Risk Management Podcasts

| Team TrustLayer

Risk Management: the identification, evaluation, and prediction of risks coupled with the creation of procedures to minimize, or even eliminate, their impact. Risk management  cuts across every sector, it is a vital consideration for all businesses and organizations, but the variety in risk management approaches can be quite overwhelming. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the very best risk management podcasts to help keep risk leaders, risk managers and risk management professionals up to speed with the latest news, trends, challenges, and risk strategies.  

We’ve ranked risk management podcasts based on standard metrics such as number of downloads and listeners, but more importantly by doing a deep dive and evaluating the content of these podcasts so you don’t have to. Here are our top ten: 

1. Risk Management: Brick by Brick

Very top of our list is Risk Management: Brick by Brick, a risk management construction podcast from Trustlayer, a next generation collaborative risk management platform. Hosted by Jason Reichl, each episode features a conversation with a different industry-leading risk manager, deep-diving into the people who are helping to build and maintain the physical world around us. Tune in if you want to discover the crucial role technology plays in risk management in the construction sector.

Check out their latest episode here.

2. RIMScast

Second up is RIMScast, the official podcast of RIMS, the Risk and Insurance Management Society. Each episode features a conversation between Justin Smulison and a different risk management expert on the hot topics of the industry. It’s also one of the first places to find out about RIMS events and education.

Check out their latest episode here.

3. Cyber Risk Management Podcast

Hosted by Kip Boyle and Jake Bernstein, the Cyber Risk Management Podcast looks to redefine cybersecurity from a technology problem to a management opportunity. Through  conversations with guests, Kip and Jake help listeners learn how to manage cybersecurity in similar ways to how they manage other business areas, helping executives to become more proficient cyber risk managers. 

Check out the latest episode here.

4. The Voices of Risk Management

Fourth on our list is The Voices of Risk Management Podcast. Each 30-minute episode features a different risk manager or insurance leader telling their stories of heroics, hard conversations, and luck, providing valuable insights for all listeners.

Check out their latest episode here.

5. Riskologists

Bringing us to the halfway point is riskologists, a podcast from optimise. Speaking to risk management thought leaders, optimise are creating a platform in which ideas and thoughts can be shared for inspiration and education in the risk management community. Topics covered include risk management myths, data analytics, and leadership styles.

Check out the latest episode here.

6. Risk Matters

A podcast from Scott Insurance, Risk Matters includes conversations with Scott team members and clients discussing timely topics, best practices, and changing perspectives on your organization’s biggest risk challenges.

Check out the latest episode here

7. The Business of Security

Number seven is The Business of Security Podcast, sponsored by TrustMAPP. Another cyber security themed podcast, this show focuses on the non-technical aspects of cyber risk, cyber security, and information security at the intersection of technology and managing to business expectations. With guests such as CIOs, CEOs, and CISOs, episodes delve into the many areas of the information security industry, including what needs to change and how to deal with new and emerging challenges.

Check out the latest episode here.

8. The 5 Minutes Podcast

Hosted by Ricardo Vargas since 2007, the 5 Minutes Podcast features weekly, you guessed it, 5-minute episodes. In each episode, Ricardo addresses a crucial topic in the realm of project, portfolio, and risk management in a quick, accessible, and practical way. 

Check out the latest episode here.

9. URMIA Matters

Our penultimate entry on the list is URMIA Matters which is all about risk management and insurance in the higher education sector. With episodes featuring URMIA leaders, peers, and insurance experts, this podcast helps listeners keep up to date with emerging issues within higher education and the best risk management practices.

Check out their latest episode here.

10. Emerging Cyber Risk

Rounding off our selection is the Emerging Cyber Risk podcast, hosted by Max Aulakh and Joel Yonts. Each episode features a different thought leader from the space covering topics in the realm of the future of cyber risk. 

Check out their latest podcast here.

And there you have it, our pick of the ten best risk management podcasts. Are there any you think we missed? Let us know!