Augmented AI vs Assisted AI | The Leadership in Insurance Podcast (The LIIP)

Augmented AI vs Assisted AI  |  The Leadership in Insurance Podcast (The LIIP)

| John Fohr

December 13, 2021  |  43:41 min

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In this episode

CEO John Fohr joined host Alex Bond on The Leadership in Insurance Podcast, where they discussed how new technologies are changing insurance, digitization’s impact on the industry, and how to integrate these new technologies into the current system. John shares his thoughts about where we are in the transition to a more automated insurance industry, and what’s coming next as part of this transformation. Some other topics include:

  • Automating mundane processes to focus on the complex issues
  • Augmented AI vs Assisted AI
  • White labeling the product
  • The balance between insurance and tech knowledge
  • Building insurance knowledge in-house
  • The challenge of finding people who are broad-thinkers
  • The motivation to open up systems
  • The challenges of integrations
  • Finding better and faster ways to provide real-time proof of coverage
  • How consumer experience influences commercial experience


About this podcast

The Leadership in Insurance (LIIP) podcast is a podcast helping Insurance professionals, investors and supporters learn what it takes to achieve and succeed in the global insurance industry. The podcast shares stories from insurance leaders that are changing the game and building the future of insurance.

This Podcast was brought to you by FinPro , an executive recruitment business that works in the Insurance and Insurtech space. Connect with the host, Alex Bond, on LinkedIn.

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