Automate Lien Waiver Collection And Tracking

Create and process printable and fillable lien waivers faster with the TrustLayer solution. Track subcontractor’s compliance in one platform.

Centralize lien waiver management

If you work with subcontractors, most likely you have dealt with the frustration of collecting and processing lien waivers. Automate this manual and time-consuming process with TrustLayer. 

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Easily create and deliver lien waivers

Whether it’s creating and collecting fillable or printable lien waivers, TrustLayer will help you automate requests, send reminders for outstanding documents, and track completion status.

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Track multiple document types - lien

Use TrustLayer as a third-party risk management platform. Collect, verify, and manage Certificates of Insurance, W-9, business licenses, surety bonds, driver licenses, and other compliance documents.

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Integrate TrustLayer with your systems - lien

Want to avoid data duplication? Integrate TrustLayer into your existing project management or accounting software with our Developer API.

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How it works


Send a document request

Customize your request for a document type, vendor type, and compliance requirements.


Allow our AI extract data

Our technology will scan uploaded documents and populate the corresponding fields in the platform.



Verify uploaded documents

Quickly review whether documents and data match your requirements.

What our customers say

"TrustLayer is by far the best product in the market. We vetted out multiple different vendors."

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Clair P.

Verified G2 Review

Why TrustLayer


Simplify Workflows

Eliminate complex paper based workflows - verify tenants and vendors in a snap leveraging computer vision and RPA.


Improve Productivity

Shift valuable staff time from requesting, tracking, and verifying documents to revenue-generating activities.


Not Just Another COI Tracker

Built from the ground up for insurance compliance - automate COI processing on one simple, easy to use website.

Run a better risk program with TrustLayer

Want to see how your risk program stacks up?