Automate ACORD 27 Form Tracking and Verification

Process printable and fillable ACORD 27 forms faster with TrustLayer’s data extraction solution. Track and verify document compliance in one platform.
Illustration of the verification and tracking of the Acord 27

Centralize ACORD 27 form management

Most likely you have dealt with the frustration of collecting and processing the Evidence of Property Insurance forms while working with clients. You can actually automate this manual and time-consuming process with TrustLayer. 

Get validated ACORD 27 forms

Whether it’s collecting a fillable or printable ACORD 27 form, TrustLayer will help you automate requests, extract information in real-time and compare it against your compliance requirements.

Track multiple document types

Use TrustLayer as a third-party risk management platform. Collect, verify, and manage various ACORD forms, business licenses, W-9s, driver licenses, and other compliance documents.

Integrate TrustLayer with your systems

Want to avoid data duplication? Integrate TrustLayer into your existing project management or accounting software with our Developer API.

How it works

Send a document request

Customize your request for a document type, vendor type, and compliance requirements.

Allow our AI extract data

Our technology will scan uploaded documents and populate the corresponding fields in the platform.

Verify uploaded documents

Quickly review whether documents and data match your requirements.

TrustLayer advantages

Streamlined Compliance Workflow

Automate document data extraction and compliance workflows to minimize repetitive, manual admin tasks.

Business Partner Compliance Visibility

Have complete visibility into vendor compliance with access to our compliance dashboard and customized reporting.

Reduced Operating Cost

Save time and resources on document collection, information extraction, and verification.

What our customers say

“The TrustLayer platform has made the process of compiling insurance information for our vendors very efficient. It streamlined how we contact vendors and created one space for housing certificates and all the necessary documents we keep for our vendors, including contracts and W9.”
Bri Veasey, Accounting Manager
Grenadier Homes

Ready to Automate the Evidence of Property Insurance tracking?