Use Cases

Learn How TrustLayer Can Be Deployed in a Multitude of Industries

TrustLayer’s streamlined goal compliance solution is adaptable to many industries and use cases to solve workflow inefficiencies

Force Place Insurance

Managing forced place insurance policies is time-consuming and costly. TrustLayer helps you identify inaccurate, expired, and under-insured policies.

TrustLayer provides real-time auditing, validation, and proof of authenticity for requested documents


Real Estate

Real estate projects are extremely complex with multiple levels of contractors and subcontractors requiring different types and levels of insurance. TrustLayer speeds up COI validation and verification processes.

TrustLayer helps general contractors decrease risk by triggering cascading alerts when any subcontractor policy becomes invalid

Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance is a relatively new insurance product which can make policy management daunting. However, once policy requirements are specified in TrustLayer’s platform, all events and activities related to the COI will be recorded on distributed ledgers and transparent to all parties.

TrustLayer protects hiring companies from service providers with under-insured or invalid cyber liability policies


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Use Cases
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